bottom black, moon gazer ☾


+ mono / they / 20+
+ philosopher / stinky weeb
+ i like anime

commission info

all payments through kofi, delivered through my art twit
includes original sai2 file and psd, shitty phone photo if traditional

restrictions and terms of use

  • no anthro/furries

  • no mecha

  • all paid reqs are sfw only

  • strictly personal use only

  • absolutely no crypto or ai image generation. eat shit and die

  • image upscaling (ie waifu2x) is acceptable

  • i reserve the right to reject requests for any other unstated reason

usage guidelines

  • if i drew it for (you): reupload ok, editing ok, credit not necessary but appreciated depending on the context; this counts as personal use

  • if i did not draw it for you: reupload ok only with credit, light editing (cropping/resizing/contrast) ok; this includes sns profile pictures, emotes/stickers, etc

  • nsfw/poipiku content: direct link sharing only, unless it falls under the first category (remember to follow the rules of the site you're on)

open request box ($5)

questionable quality
pay me to use your faves/ocs/etc as practice material
feel free to be as detailed or not in your request
effort level highly dependent on mood and physical condition
due to it being dirt cheap, there are no revisions; what i send you is what you getturnaround approx 1 week

but i've seen you post far more polished(?) pieces yes and?

full body sd ($35)

decently big
i'll try to colour halfway passably
turnaround approx 1-2 weeks

secret(?) third option (free)

just for fun
pictures people want but also pictures people dont want

friend ids

  • switch || SW-2573-6024-1725

  • limbus company || C761805799

  • fate/go (jp) || 031,371,693

  • arknights (en) || mono#4295

  • granblue || 21532048

  • pokego || 2384 8434 0543